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Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands Adventure Tours

Island Hopping in the Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Snorkelling and Diving
Ecuador Volcano Activities
Ecuador Jungle Trips

Come explore one of South America's best kept secrets with us!

Ecuador (which includes the Galapagos Islands) may be one of the smallest countries in South America, but its diversity might surprise you. This destination offers everything an adventurer could want including distinctive wildlife, world-class snorkelling and scuba diving, dense Amazon rainforests and magical cloud forests to hike in, lively markets to explore and a charming world heritage listed capital city.

We've got the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands - especially for landlubbers - and while you're in this part of the world, you won't want to miss the hiking, rafting, biking and caving on our mainland Ecuador adventure tour 'Tapir'. Did we mention a mild spring-like climate year-round and incredibly welcoming locals?


Island Hopping in the Galapagos Islands

Step into Darwin’s laboratory on our 10-day, fully guided Galapagos Islands Land and Sea Adventure 'Tortuga'. Unique to Active Adventures, on this trip you’ll hop between the islands, getting the best of both worlds; Each evening you’ll meet the locals and gain an appreciation for an 'islander' lifestyle, and each day you’ll set off to explore the 'enchanted isles', by boat, on foot or by bike.

Land-based tours are the way to go!

“We are so glad we chose to do an active, land-based trip rather than take a cruise ship. Staying in small hotels in the various towns on four islands and gaining an appreciation for the locals, the local food and customs was a tremendous addition to the natural beauty of the Galapagos. Knowing that we were contributing to the local economy rather than to a cruise line's bottom line felt good to us. Our guides (Lenin in Quito) and Zambo (on the Galapagos) were outstanding.”
Massachusetts, United States
Tortuga, January 2017
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Galapagos Snorkelling and Diving

When it comes to underwater discovery, there's no other destination on earth like the Galapagos Islands. With 20 islands in the entire archipelago, and its unique position – a few degrees from the equator and at the top of the fertile Humbolt current – you could call it the Amazon rainforest of the ocean! So it's no surprise that snorkelling or diving should be at the top of your list when you come down on your trip. A snorkelling trip to Isla Lobos is a great opportunity to see sea lions at play, and feeding on fish, while a scuba diving or snorkelling descent of the vertical walls of Kicker Rock reveals a world dominated by schools of tropical fish, sea turtles and reef sharks as they circle the walls of this incredible underwater volcanic cone. By contrast there're also areas off Isabela Island with shallower rock outcrops. Las Tintoreras is a rock pool area famous for its crystal clear water, abundance of marine iguanas and sting rays. It goes without saying that dolphins are an inevitable part of any Galapagos Islands adventure too – whether you see them from above the surface of the water, or below!
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Ecuador Volcano Activities

We keep saying this sort of thing, but here we go again, and we like to call a spade a spade – When it comes to volcanoes, there's no better place on the planet than Ecuador. Despite being one of the smallest countries in South America, there are no less than 30 volcanoes in Ecuador. There's a reason why it's named "The Avenue of Volcanoes". With all those steep inclines dotted around this amazing little country, there're endless opportunities for adventure in all sorts of ways – volcanoes are another way of nature telling us to get outside and explore. For an exciting way to experience one of Ecuador’s volcanoes, a bike ride down Cotopaxi is a must do. Starting at 15,000 feet, and finishing at 11,000 feet, this ride has incredible views! Further down the valley of the volcanoes, Tungurahua volcano dominates the skyline overlooking the stunning town of Banos – a perfect place to explore the river valleys, hiking trails and cloud forests all created in some way because of Tungurahuas presence. All you need is gradient and water to provide the perfect playground for hiking, biking, rafting, hot springs and much more – and thanks to Tungurahua you'll find it all here.

Ecuador Jungle Trips

The Ecuadorian Andes mountain range drops down steeply into the Amazon Basin, so the lines between "jungle" and "mountain" are invariably blurred here. Ordinarily in other countries, their Amazon regions are difficult to get to (unless you fly), and for the most part, are flat. Again, the gradient and water phenomena comes into full effect, making Ecuador’s Amazon region here arguably the very best for adventure exploration. Along with the opportunities to see all manner of wildlife in the Amazon, it's even better to experience it while on a hike through the waterfall canyons, or traversing a ridge overlooking the Rio Napo, and out to the Andes not far to the west. With easier access to many parts of the Ecuadorian Amazonian basin, you also don't have to go far to visit an indigenous community.
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