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Jet Boating

History of the Jet Boat

If you'd been touring New Zealand's South Island around the farming village of Fairlie, in the first few years of the 1900s, you may have come across a young boy hiking along a riverbank with his dog behind him, faithfully pulling a trolley loaded with a kayak. Probably a slightly unusual sight, but this was Bill Hamilton's first attempt at making it easy to move up and down one of New Zealand's many fast flowing and shallow rivers. He'd kayak downstream and then the dog would do the hard work when it came to having another go. The idea of building a boat that could navigate these knee-deep rivers with ease was kept as a dream in the back of that boy's mind for decades to come.


Bill Hamilton, or Sir Charles William Feilden Hamilton as he would later be formally known, always had innovation and excellence in his blood (not an uncommon trait amongst us Kiwis!). At the age of 21, he purchased the 10,000 hectare Irishman Creek Station (‘station' is the Kiwi name for ‘ranch'). The farm is actually just a few miles from Braemar Station, where we stay on our Rimu trip, and a short distance from the hiking trails of Mount Cook National Park. In addition to the sheep station, he quickly built his own workshop and powered it with a hydroelectric dam that he constructed on the property. To build the dam, he also developed his own type of excavator, which was later used for local earth-moving projects.

Bill was a self-taught engineer and often solved problems with unusual solutions. During the Second World War, Bill's workshop expanded and they produced munitions as well as a range of earth-moving equipment. The demand for the excavators and other machinery continued after the war and Bill decided to open a manufacturing plant in Christchurch to produce excavators, bulldozers and other hydraulic equipment. This move allowed him to convert the workshop at Irishman Creek Station into a research and development facility – sort of a Kiwi non-military version of Lockheed Martin's ‘Skunk Works'.

Jet Boat Wilkin River New Zealand

With time to develop ideas, Bill returned to his childhood dream of the shallow-water speed-boat and in the early 1950s developed his first jet boat. The concept was to have an inboard jet unit at the rear of the boat that sucked water up and then squirted it out of a narrow nozzle at the rear. This would push the boat forward, but without requiring a propeller deep beneath the water that would hit rocks and other obstacles in the shallow rivers. Initial attempts at the jet boat were somewhat unsuccessful, but a breakthrough came when Bill decided to move the nozzle so the jet of water came out above the waterline. This reduced drag on the boat enormously, and modern jet boating was born. Bill quickly pushed the capabilities of his boats and introduced the now famous “Hamilton Turn” (a full spin at speed) of the boat. Bill's jet boats quickly developed, with the steering nozzle rapidly improving.

In 1960 his son Jon was amongst the crew that were the first to take some jet boats up (and down) a 740 km (460 miles) stretch of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately, Bill couldn't make it because he had broken his arm while jet boating in New Zealand a few weeks before. Jon Hamilton was the only driver on that expedition able to conquer the infamous Lava Falls stretch of the Colorado River. In 1974, Bill Hamilton was knighted for his “services to manufacturing” and on March 30, 1978, one of New Zealand's great inventors and engineers passed away.

Nowadays, jet boats can be found all around New Zealand and the world.Improvements have been made to the jet units and modern jet boats are now both highly manoeuvrable and fast.

One of the best places to see jet boats operating – or go for a jet boat ride – is right here in Queenstown, New Zealand, where there are a number of companies running jet boat trips on the local rivers. Perhaps the best known is Shotover Jet, where the boats are run through a dramatic narrow rock canyon just inches from the surrounding rocks and passengers are treated to several exhilarating 360-degree spins.

Jet Boat Racing

Jet boat racing has also become a popular sport with a wide range of events from very fast marathon boats running long distances up our local rivers to jet sprints where small ultra-manoeuvrable high-power jet boats complete a short course circuit in an effort to beat the time of fellow competitors.

Mode of Transport

Jet Boat passengers on the Wilkin RiverSports aside, many New Zealanders use jet boats to access some of the less accessible hiking tracks, national parks or trout fly-fishing spots amongst the South Island's Southern Alps. You'll have the opportunity to experience a jet boat ride yourself on our Tui trip where our hikers are transported down the Wilkin River after trekking from the Siberia Valley in Mount Aspiring National Park.



Trip Reviews

  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 4983 reviews)

    Chris Darcy review of Rimu Trip

    The term trip of a lifetime gets used far too frequently. This was one. The South Island of New Zealand is likely the most beautiful place on earth, pound for pound. Nowhere else can you find so much beautiful landscape, diverse landscapes and microclimates packed into such a small area, which can be travelled in such a short amount of time while still doing it justice. Our guides, Holly and Claire, were fantastic - wonderful dispositions, knowledgeable, tireless and attentive - and made the trip special. And Kiwis are some of the nicest folks on earth (after Canadians of course) - we didn't have a single negative experience the whole time we were there. If you've been thinking of going to New Zealand don't wait - you can't do better than this trip - just make sure you take extra memory cards for your camera.
    Chris Darcy Review Image
    – Ontario, Canada
    Rimu, November 2016
  •   4.38 out of 5 (from 1211 reviews)

    North Island Kauri

    The North Island was an amazing adventure. We were kept busy hiking, biking snorkelling and kayaking, and our guides were very easy going and helpful in every way. We saw and experienced more of the Maori culture, the large Kauri trees (words cannot describe), and felt the love and appreciation of the Maori people for the land, birds and all living species. It was great to have them guide us through the kauri forests. The trip is spit in half in the middle with a day in Aukland, and the first half we had 12 in the group and the second half there were 13 (A lot) in our group. I prefer smaller groups. The scenery was amazing, Natalie and Jasmine were amazing as well. An AMAZING trip! Loved it!
    Colleen Clark Review Image
    – Ontario, Canada
    Kauri, March 2018
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 4983 reviews)

    Exceeded Expectations

    In planning my trip to New Zealand I specifically signed on to the Rimu trip to achieve 3 goals: first to see as much of the South Island as possible in 2 weeks, second to get outdoors and get a feel for the environment and third to have fun with a group of people. My Rimu experience accomplished all three goals and then some. The mixture of driving, and daily activities was perfect. It allowed us to cover lots of terrain while getting us out and active every day. Our guides, Ben and Emma, were terrific. They were tireless workers who not only made us comfortable but created a positive group dynamic that helped bring complete strangers together into a cohesive group. Ben was great at sharing his knowledge of NZ culture and natural history. Emma was a fantastic cook who kept us well fed even at a hut at 1300 meters. Everything about the trip was well organized and well planned. Thank you for such a great experience.
    Tim Reed Review Image
    – Massachusetts, United States
    Rimu, January 2018
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 4983 reviews)

    What an adventure!

    Great adventure with wonderful guides Alex and Tia!
    Stephanie Eskuri Review Image
    – Michigan, United States
    Rimu, January 2017
  •   4.38 out of 5 (from 1211 reviews)


    The trip was perfect and our guides, Jo and Andy, are awesome!
      Review Image
    – ,
    Kauri, December 2017



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