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New Zealand Hiking Tours


Thinking about a guided hiking tour in New Zealand? Hiking is where it all began for Active Adventures New Zealand. We're all Kiwi's here at Active HQ, and we're based in Queenstown, New Zealand. We grew up hiking in our local national parks, so we know them like the backs of our hands. We know the best time to avoid the crowds on the more famous hiking trails, and we love to share New Zealand's hidden gems with people like you - those trails that don't make it onto the list of New Zealand's Great Walks, but they're equally as stunning, and you can hike for days at a time without seeing another hiker. So if you’re even remotely interested in the outdoors, joining the local experts for a New Zealand hiking tour will be an adventure you’ll never forget.

New Zealand Hiking Tours

Hiking plays a part in all of our trips here in New Zealand, and we’ve carefully selected the most amazing hiking trails out of the thousands that criss-cross the country, to give you the best hiking trip imaginable. Hiking in New Zealand is an incredible experience and whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, we’ll make sure you get the best out of your hiking vacation.

Active Adventures hiking tours are not easy tourist walks, nor are they arduous treks into the mountains. Our hiking tours are designed to get you into the most wild, remote and beautiful parts of our pure wilderness, for the New Zealand hiking trip of a lifetime. You don’t need to be an experienced hiker to enjoy our trips, although if you are you won’t be bored. All you need is moderate fitness and a keen interest in the outdoors!

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Video:Take a test drive, check out our 'Rimu - Ultimate South Island Adventure' hiking and adventure trip in New Zealand.

Take a look at our all-inclusive, New Zealand hiking tours:

What's Included in our New Zealand hiking tours?

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Activities (including hiking and hut passes in our National Parks)
  • Guides (local Kiwi guides for the most authentic New Zealand experience)

We'll take care of it all, from the moment you arrive in New Zealand. You'll be accompanied by 2 local kiwi guides every step of the way, and you'll be treated to first class kiwi hospitality. So take the hard work out of planning your New Zealand hiking vacation, and join the locally owned company that pioneered hiking tours in New Zealand. 


Trip Reviews

  •   4.70 out of 5 (from 266 reviews)

    Everything we hoped for and MORE.

    This was my first trip to New Zealand, and to the southern hemisphere. We had dreamed of this for many years, and it was so much more than we had even hoped for. So many memories and highlights: Morning alpine glow on Mt. Cook. Any day that it was sunny and you could see those amazing mountains. Turquoise alpine lakes. The day we spontaneously stopped at a deserted beach on the west coast, and saw Hector's dolphins frolicking. The picnic on the hill at Braemar's station. The nights at Braemar, the laughing and wine. Racheal (our guide) encouraging me and talking about growing up on a sheep farm while hiking up Key Pass. The stars at night - the Milky Way and upside down Orion! The mystical drive down to Milford Sound in the fog and light rain, and the clearing while on the boat. Going under a waterfall and just yelling in joy. The amazing, kind, funny and interesting people we met on our tour. If you are even thinking about it - go! You will not be disappointed.
    Jeannie Puglisi Review Image
    – Connecticut, United States
    Kiwi, April 2017
  •   4.60 out of 5 (from 1887 reviews)

    Unbelievable weather!

    Our guides really made the trip! Katie and Eve were fantastic, and the South Island was so beautiful. I can't recommend the Tui trip enough.
    Katrina Linder Review Image
    – Pennsylvania, United States
    Tui, November 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 4983 reviews)

    Outstanding Locations. Outstanding Service

    We have always wanted to see New Zealand, but we didn't know how to select the best and organize a trip around these. Active Adventures gave us an answer, and on the trip, AA gave us much more than we expected. We saw amazing locations, did lots of fun activities, and had amazing service... with the guides providing great information, assistance, service and various options. Terrific!
    Rick Lent Review Image
    – Massachusetts, United States
    Rimu, December 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 4983 reviews)

    A Fantastic trip

    This is the best way to tour South Island of New Zealand. Enjoy the spectacular views, experience the first hand of back country and meet the physical challenges. With small group of people and two dedicated guides, what else one ask for?
    Sha Ma Review Image
    – Kansas, United States
    Rimu, January 2017
  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 4983 reviews)

    Rimu - NZ South Island

    Our Rimu trip with Ken and Elder was truly a trip of a lifetime. The two of them were the perfect pair to lead our adventure -kind, warm, funny, and incredibly encouraging (for those of us who weren't quite sure we'd make it up the mountain!) My husband and I were fortunate to have both of our adult boys join us which made for a very memorable experience. New Zealand's South Island offered some of the most breathtaking landscapes we had ever seen. The hiking, kayaking, and biking was challenging and exhilarating. It was hard to say goodbye to the group who became like family. We have stayed in touch with some, and look forward to our next trip with Active.
    Gigi Altaras Review Image
    – Washington, United States
    Rimu, November 2017



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Why travel with Active Adventures?

Above all, we aim to be amazing hosts. We're proud of our kiwi roots, and our professional, warm and relaxed style of running trips around the world is unforgettable.

We're VERY picky about who we select to work in our team, and we have people from all over the world lining up to guide our trips. So we get to hire the absolute BEST in the business.

As soon as you get off the plane, we've got all the details of your vacation covered – top notch meals, comfortable transport & accommodation, amazing guides and INCREDIBLE service.

Whether you’re new to adventure travel, or you’ve never travelled in a group before, you’ll find yourself arriving home positively different from when you left.

With our small groups (no more than 14), you'll get to know our team, your fellow travellers, and have the flexibility and freedom to do as much (or as little!) as you like.

It's all about getting there under your own steam – on foot, in a sea kayak, or by bike. What better way is there to experience mind blowing scenery? If it's your first time, no worries – our expert guides have got you covered.

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